From Product Design to completed mold, our Engineering team has the experience to handle multiple complex projects. Our product design utilizes Unigraphics and Catia V4/V5.Our customer service is supported by our skilled engineering staff,which specializes in full 100% 3D designs and complete 3D Solid Modeling.




Our Project Engineering Team has over 75 years combined experience.You can be confident their knowledge and expertise will result in robust tooling to meet your needs as well as the quality requirements of your customer.

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Our Design team has an average of over 16 years experience in tool design and modeling. Working entirely in full 3d solid modeling gives our designers the ability to clearly articulate design concepts, issues or problems, as well as their solutions.

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Specializing in highly visible parts both interior and exterior. Widely known for building difficult injection molds with multiple actions and diamond finished cavities. One of the foundations of our multi faceted tooling service we offer here at General Die & Engineering



Specializing in magnesium and aluminum die cast dies built to your specifications and standards. GDE has long been an industry leader, fullfilling todays timing and quality needs to meet expectations in making lighter and more fuel efficient cars of tomorrow.

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Whether you require single cavity, multiple cavity, or a complete pressure box tooling system, General Die and Engineering is your source for high quality tooling.



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Our team has many years experience with building tight tolerance “matched metal” trim dies. For more information on our trim die capabilities, please visit our Trim Die section by clicking the link on the top of this panel.

It is the intent of the management personnel at General Die & Engineering to provide exceptional control of not only our process and personnel but also the success of the program at our customer’s facility. We at General Die & Engineering strive for customer service and to better understand the issues and problems our customers may incur during the production run on tools. This will allow us to continually improve our system. We believe better communication with the customer only improves the success of everyone involved