General Die has always been, and continues to be, on the leading edge of the die cast tooling industry. In 2003, GDE was the industry leader in designing and building the first 2 cavity die cast magnesium instrument panel tool in the world

2010 Pace Award Winner

The magnesium tailgate inner is the largest die cast magnesium closure panel globally. It not only saves substantial weight but it also functions as the primary structural load carrying component of the liftgate assembly meeting stringent crash performance requirements, integrates six separate parts into one inner panel casting, allows for increased passenger headroom, is 100% recyclable and meets the acceptance criteria for Class A die cast surfaces.

In 2008 we designed and built another first. This time it was a Liftgate.The entire part cast in a single tool, just one of our challenges was to overcome 3 million pounds of shot pressure in a self locking tool.

With today's deadlines getting shorter and shorter, you need a tooling supplier who can deliver a robust quality tool in more compressed timeframes. GDE has a long history of meeting and exceeding our customers expectations in that regard. Our quality system allows us to record and track any and all changes during the tool build process, to insure your tool meets your precise expectations. Our knowldgeable Engineering and Design staff are ready to take your data and their experience to design a tool that meets your standards, in a timely fashion.