Metrology Department Information and Capabilities
Coordinate Measuring Machine



 Carl Zeiss, Inc


 PSM Horizontal Arm

 Table Size:

 Length 2800mm Width 1600mm

 Actual Usable Measuring Area:

 Length 2400mm x Width 1400mm x Height 1500mm

 Performance: Repeatability .003mm

 Volumetric Accuracy .024mm Linear Accuracy .004mm

Software Capabilities

·  Software
Metrolog X4, Manufactured by Metrologic Group Services

·  Capabilities
Metrolog X4 software is capable of accurately measuring and dimensioning features of all types of machine parts, models, and molds. Reports can consist of simple linear measurements, or in terms of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, such as location, true position, distance, angularity, concentricity, roundness, straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, runout,  and surface profile. It also has the capability of importing CAD data into a program and comparing the measured dimensions of a work piece to its CAD design.

G.D.E. Metrology Dept. Information

    G.D.E. CMM technicians create customized layout reports which are tailored to the customer's needs. This includes reports relating to part designs, mold designs, CAD data, and before / after information for design changes, repair work, etc.